Friday, April 25, 2008

the car.

here are pictures of the new car. it's been an interesting past few days as i worked through the car-buying process, but i've been amazed watching how God has orchestrated each event and abundantly provided.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

wowwed by wickham.

phil wickham's version of the jeff buckley's song "hallelujah." watch and be amazed.

adios acura... hello honda.

well, after 9 good years together... i finally decided to get rid of my 1999 acura integra. this past wednesday, the check engine light came on and the repairs were going to cost me way more than i was willing to spend, so the hunt for a new car ensued. i got a good deal on a 2008 honda cr-v and a decent trade-in offer on my integra, so i am now the owner of this car:

i think we will have a long and happy relationship together. i'll add "real" pictures soon.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

exactly what does 'twittering' mean?

i've had many people ask me lately, "why does it say 'twittering' on your facebook status?" so i've decided to answer that question this way. the best way to describe twitter is to call it a 'micro blog,' in which you update others with what you are up to in a very concise way. here is a video to explain twittering. once you watch, go and join and follow me ( let's be twitter friends. if you are reading this on facebook and want to watch the video, go to

so not natural.

it seems like each week my students have new you tube videos to show me, and a student showed me these two today. this is not natural... and yet you can't stop watching. this is a guy named nick pitera singing disney songs.

Monday, April 14, 2008


just wanted to let everyone know that my parents house in cleburne has sold. the packing has begun, the loading starts on wednesday, and mom heads to corpus on friday. my house is completely filled to the brim with boxes and stuff that i had left in cleburne, so the sorting has begun. my plan is to de-clutterize my life, or at least get as close to that as i can.

please pray for my parents as they search for their next house and get settled.

american idol... have you seen this.

check this out. shout to the lord on american idol.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


i've had some friends of mine inform me that i'm not doing a good job of keeping in touch with people lately, which is strange to them because i'm usually the one who picks up the phone to initiate conversations with others, so they've been checking to make sure that i'm still alive. in light of my lack of in-touch-ness, i figured that i need to write an actual update about what's been going on with me.

my last post was about our spring break mission trip to reynosa, mexico. the trip went amazingly well, and we are already starting to talk through plans for upcoming mission opportunities. once we get the pictures from the trip up on our BSM picture site, i will put that link so that you can see everything we did.

one very hard difficulty for me during the trip was that i was battling an upper respiratory infection the entire trip (that came on 2 days before we left), and when we got back to denton my body revolted against me and i found myself stuck in bed for the next 4 days. the congestion in my head affected both of my ears, and the pressure in my right ear actually ruptured my ear drum. i can honestly say that i will now have much more sympathy for any child who has an ear infection. i was starting to feel like a wimp since ear pain was keeping me in bed (for some reason, it hurt a lot more when i stood up), but once i finally went to the doctor she was surprised that i had dealt with it with just advil... which made me feel better. my doctor then told me that if the hearing in my ear doesn't come back soon, that i will need to go and see a specialist. it is never a good thing when a singer hears that their hearing might not come back... it is getting better, just not all back yet. when people ask me how my ear is i describe it this way, "it's like the volume has been turned down and there is a little static," but the pain is pretty much gone so now i'm just waiting for things to get back to normal.

my parents finally got an offer on their house in cleburne (the offer was made right before easter), and we are now in the middle of getting things organized, packed up and ready to move. later this week i'll be driving a uhaul filled with the rest of my furniture, and some of my students have graciously stepped up to help me move the rest of my stuff to my house in denton. my parents should be out of the house in less than 2 weeks, so please pray for my mom as she gets everything together. they have found a house in corpus christi, tx (where my dad has been working for the past 20 months), and they are in the process of making an offer on it right now. i'm already looking at my schedule to figure out when i can go down and visit... you can actually see the ocean from their front yard. happy vacationing to me! my brother (scott) who has been living at home, is planning on moving into an apartment in euless (in the DFW area) next weekend, so we are all attempting to organize the chaos that is going on right now.

also, on march 27th... i was sitting at a stoplight and a girl couldn't stop in time and ran into the back of my car. not much damage was done, my car just needs a new bumper and thankfully no one was hurt, so now i am cruising in a kia rental awaiting the work to be completed on the acura. if a wreck has to happen, this is the kind to have. the girl has insurance, which is covering everything, and the only frustrating thing has been trying to get the adjusters to call me back to fill me in on what's going on... but i should have my car back on tuesday.

yesterday, i was the missionary speaker for a GA roundup event at camp copass in denton. they wanted me to share with the girls about what we do at our BSM and i brought 2 students with me so that they could tell about mission trips that they had been on. it went well, and it was fun to be around kids again.

as you can see, lots going on with me, and things won't slow down until school gets out. i will try and do a better job of keeping in touch with people, and i apologize if you haven't heard from me in a while. i do promise though, if you call me... i'll call you back.