Thursday, June 25, 2009

fame redefined

michael jackson passed away today. here is a crazy thought made by @feeband ... "The "king of pop" stands before the "King of Glory" today ... fame redefined."


where is your your hope? in fame and fortune? in becoming what others want you to be?

or does your faith lie in the hands of the King of Glory? i pray that the King of Glory finds His Glory in my life.

here are some lyrics to one of my new favorite worship songs... it's been stuck in my head for the past week:

King of Glory by Matt Redman (click here if you'd like to hear it)

Your face outshines the brightest sun
Jesus, You're glorious, You are so glorious
With eyes that blaze like burning fire
Jesus, You're glorious, You are so glorious

King of Glory, have Your glory
King of Glory, have Your glory

Your voice like rushing waters sounds
Jesus, You're powerful, You are so powerful
And in Your hands You hold the stars
Jesus, You're powerful, You are so powerful

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The best way to start my day.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is Super Summer

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a road map... i need more than just directions.

i enjoy gadgets, especially ones that make life a little easier. cell phones, laptops, GPS, etc... all make me smile. my parents gave me a GPS for Christmas last year, and i recently purchased a new cell phone which has 2 navigation options on it... i have a good sense of direction, i can read a map, but i'd rather type in my destination and let the "man with a british accent" lead me. there's something magical about hearing, "you've reached your destination."

how often do we ask ourselves, "have i reached my destination?" "am i where i am supposed to be?" "have i gotten off course?" why else would books like The Purpose Driven Life and My Best Life Now be bestsellers (i'm not knocking the books, just stating an obvious fact)?

we all long for our lives to be different, to be more than we know, and yet we lack the discipline and honestly the desire to strive for holiness.

as i lounge on the love seat in my living room, my heart is restless and my mind mulls over the same questions that have plagued me for the past few months. i long to be who God wants me to be, to be where He wants me to be... and yet, i constantly get in the way of both.

i came across Proverbs 16:9 tonight: "In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps."

and now i'm prayerfully asking... "does my heart align with where God is leading me?"

obviously, i like to be led in the right way (my 3 GPS units prove that), and yet, i let the sinful desires of my heart distract me from where God is leading me and what He is doing around me. if God is determines my steps, my desire for a road map can be thrown to the side... and that is where the importance of focusing on a relationship with my God comes in.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Breckenridge Mission Trip Report

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” - Isaiah 55:8-9

The details had been discussed and the schedule had been made. The money was raised, the plane tickets purchased and training was in full force. But God had something different in mind.

After spending months preparing to go and minister to college students in Mexico City, the swine flu happened. We had less than two weeks to find another place to serve and put together a new trip.

After many phone calls and emails (many thanks to Brenda Sanders with Go Now Missions and her involvement in putting both trips together), it became apparent that God was leading us to Breckenridge to minister to Agape Outpost.

From the moment our planes landed in Colorado, the students were ready to jump in, get their hands dirty and serve. Continually throughout the trip, each student displayed an amazingly flexible attitude, especially when our project list continued to increase and change. Each day was filled with hard work and laughter, and we came home blessed with new friendships.

Our projects consisted of:

· Cleaning & organizing

· Yard work

· Painting inside & staining outside decks and amphitheater

· Replacing ceiling tiles

· Hauling off trash

· Cleaning windows

· Ministering to a church family by repairing their roof, replacing insulation/drywall and cleaning their home.

The provisions God provided for our trip continue to amaze us. The prayers and financial support we received before we left paved the way for us to go and serve. Agape provided us with free lodging, meals and transportation for the week.

The amazing scenery provided one more reminder of God’s love and impact in our lives. While we went to serve, we left refreshed and blessed beyond belief. Our team grew together through serving Jesus alongside one another, and we look forward to how our time together will continue to impact our lives and the campuses where we minister.

Thank you for your involvement, prayers and support!

Quotes from people on the trip...

God’s attention to detail astounded us. Two weeks before we were supposed to leave, our entire trip was changed. The trip was put together in such a way that only God could receive the glory. He called us to Colorado for lessons of obedience, flexibility and service.” - Stephanie Gates, UNT BSM Associate Director

Something really important the Lord showed me while we were there was that the He can use us anywhere and the tasks He sets before us are perfect and impactful, even if we may perceive them as small. Serving a church in Colorado was just as important as building relationships and evangelizing in Mexico City. Although it was different than originally planned, it was in His perfect Will and He directed our footsteps.” - Summer, student at Texas State

What a blessing to be used by the Lord in Colorado at Agape Outpost. Our missions experience was God-lead, God-directed and God-blessed! Even with the uncertainty of where the Lord might place us in May due to the swine flu in Mexico, God accomplished tremendous things for his Glory. The Texas State and University of North Texas students partnered together and while busy serving the Lord and grew close together. I believe the mission trip was a great success for the kingdom of God.” - Abe Jaquez, Texas State BSM Director

I think the overall trip for me was a perfect definition of God being in complete control. Not only did we have a task before us that ultimately will help further the kingdom of God, but He took care of every detail along the way. All the way down to the personalities of each individual person whom He called to go on the journey!” - Amanda, Texas State Student

On this trip God just really reiterated to me how much He doesn’t need me, my talents, or my skills and that I am to rely completely and fully on Him. I thought that I would be serving the Lord using my ability to speak Spanish in Mexico City – a strength of mine. But instead He put me in Breckenridge, Colorado at an altitude where I had trouble breathing, struggled with sinus problems, and was completely out of my element as far as the work we were doing. But in my weakness He is strong.” - Jillian, UNT Student