Friday, April 17, 2009

thankful that God grants grace and peace in times like these.

it's been a while. in fact, exactly a month. i have plenty of reasons to explain my absence from the blog world, but rather than trying to convince you that my excuses are legit... i'd rather revisit some of my past week.

i received a phone call on tuesday. one that you never wants to get. i've been serving as the interim youth minister for a local church since february and on tuesday the music minister passed away unexpectedly and tragically.

ironically, this situation exemplifies my previous post. i have no idea how to walk through this. i find myself overwhelmed with the desire to minister and love them well. I'm thankful for God's guidance, grace and sufficiency. I trust that He will bring restoration and comfort through the upcoming weeks.

as i pray, i am continually reminded of God's grace, love and the assurance of salvation.

here's a video of a song that's been in my head all week.