Monday, September 10, 2007

kanye vs. 50 cent

so have you heard about the rivalry between kanye west and 50 cent? the skinny of the drama is: both 50 cent and kanye are putting out new albums on sept. 11, and 50 cent says he will retire if kanye sales more albums than he does (click here to read the story).

a friend of mine (andrew crosby) blogged about the rivalry, and since i liked his idea, i thought i'd plug his post, here it is:
so, i was reading a little online about the feud between kanye west and 50 cent. normally i wouldn't care at all and would just kinda laugh and move on. but then i saw that 50 cent said he would retire if kanye's album outsold his in their first week. and this got me interested. i think it's the civic duty of all americans to bring about the retirement of 50 cent, and i think i know 2 ways that this can happen on the grassroots level.

1. buy the kanye album and tell all of your friends to do the same. and

2. more importantly. make a trip early tomorrow morning to your music retailers such as best buy, circuit city, target, and wal-mart. go ahead and grab your copy of kanye's album and then move on to wherever they are displaying all of the 50 cent albums. then, load your basket with ALL of the 50 cent albums and move out of the cd section of the store. for wal-mart and target slowly start to unload your basket of 50 cent's albums as you move throughout the store. a couple of discs with the milk, a stack behind men's underwear, 3 or 4 behind some cans of soup, a stack in the arts and crafts section, etc. you get the idea. for best buy and circuit city you'll want to "reorganize" the discs. i'd say aim for the adult pop sections. your billy joels, neil diamonds, elton johns, etc.

uncle sam needs you. we can do it.


i might just give in and go along with his idea... so what do you think? if kanye wins, would 50 cent actually really retire? we can only hope.

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