Thursday, November 27, 2008

i'm say i'm thankful... but am i?

i saw this quote on my pastor's wife's blog:

"We should learn from this how stiff-necked and rebellious and unthankful we are...Each time they forgot God and went after other things. That is not just the story of Israel. It's the story of humanity. It's the story of my life and your life. Even as Christians, we are not steadfast in our affections for God. We have thankful days and unthankful days. And even our thankful days are not as thankful as they should be.

Just think of how joyful and thankful you would be if your heart responded to God himself and his ten thousand gifts with the admiration and gratitude of which he is worthy." (John Piper, from Spectacular Sins)

what stirs the affection of your heart?  what are you thankful for?

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