Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a grown-up birthday

i am spending the majority of my christmas vacation in corpus christi with my family. i arrived last night (12/16) around 8 PM... just in time to celebrate my birthday with my parents. they took me to a japanese hibachi grill for dinner and then we came home and i got to open my gifts. i must admit, that after i opened and examined my "loot" i realized that i am truly an adult. my age, 28 just in case you are wondering, has nothing to do with this realization... it was the items on my birthday/christmas list. here's what i asked for and received:

a new 8" skillet
a cargo tray for my car.


M. Hurt said...

Love the presents! You're awesome, Stephanie - glad I'm getting to know you!!

Katie said...

I can completely understand the "getting older" bit by the simple wish list...we're OLD!!