Wednesday, August 4, 2010

sometimes i get lonely

there's no denying it. sometimes i get lonely. i work in an extremely social place, surrounded by college students, and yet... sometimes i get lonely. i have friends, all around me. some live in my town while others span the globe, and yet... sometimes i get lonely.

being 29 and single has provided me the lessons of eating out and going to movies by myself, and learning to be ok with it.

i've wrestled with balancing when it's ok to call and see if my married friends want to talk or hang out and when i should respect their "couple" time. there's no denying it. sometimes i get lonely.

the past months have seemed to be among the busiest i've known in a long time... and yet, sometimes i get lonely.

i'm not whining or asking for a pity invite, that's not the purpose of this post at all. i recognize that loneliness has provided the opportunity for some of the best lessons i could ever learn, and i'm embracing it.

i've learned how to mow my yard, to hang things by myself, to take a recipe meant for 4 and shrink it down so that i don't have leftovers that will last forever. but most importantly, i've learned that when God says He's all i need... He's actually right.

as i was reading through my google reader this morning, i came across a blog discussing loneliness, and she shared the following video. sometimes the thing that encourage me the most is remembering... i'm not alone. others feel lonely too. what's important, is what you do with your alone time and how you use it to grow.

there's no denying it. sometimes i get lonely. but that's ok. i think "being alone" has impacted who i am in more ways that i could ever describe.

it's helped me find me. it's helped me find God. and if loneliness has helped me to do those things... how could i ever hate it?