Monday, March 3, 2008

an update... long overdue

well, it's been a while since i've actually written anything to put on here. good intentions seem to not mean a whole lot lately when it comes to my blogging world. i could easily offer excuses after excuses for my lack of attention to posting, but instead of wasting my time and yours by doing that, i'll skip over that and just offer the simple, yet always offered excuse.... i'm busy.

my job at the baptist student ministry at the university of north texas continues to keep my plate full and my calendar booked. in january i was offered the associate director position at our bsm, by my bosses at the collegiate ministry department of the BGCT, of which i have accepted, so i'm officially staying in denton past my original 2 year intern commitment. ministry has been going well and it's been exciting to see all that is going on in the lives of our students. while programs and activities keep us from being bored, the best part about the job is having a front row seat to watch all that God is doing in each of the student's lives. currently, we are planning an air guitar competition to raise money for go now missions. check out our event blog for more information... check often, it will be updated as each detail comes together. also, you can give money towards texas student missions on the site as well. help us send texas college students all over the world as they serve God in missions.

along with my involvement in college ministry, worship opportunities have been abundant. just about every weekend has been booked with opportunities to lead, and currently i am serving an unofficial "interim" position each week at crossroads church in cleburne. it has been great having these opportunities, and i am praying for direction with my involvement in music ministry.

a few weeks ago i traveled to oklahoma city with my parents to watch my little brother, jeff, perform the male lead in the opera, the ballad of baby doe put on by the oklahoma city university. jeff did a fabulous job, and made his big sister proud. i've never really been a big opera fan... but when he's on stage, i enjoy it immensely. he's quite the talented guy, and i look forward to all that God is going to do through him as he continues to use his great talent.

recently, i made a purchase to help me keep track of my hectic life. after years of carrying a cell phone and a palm pilot, i decided to condense these two necessities into one device. so i am now the proud owner of a smart phone, of which i am still figuring out all of the functions it can do, but i've enjoyed only having to carry one thing with me everywhere i go.

it is snowing outside right now, so i'm going to end this update to go and look outside my front door and enjoy the snow (a rarity in texas). i will try and update more frequently, but i'm only going to say "try" because i do not want to make a promise that i can't keep.

until next time... i pray you experience God's love and grace in a new way today.

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