Friday, October 17, 2008

pumpkins, NKOTB and the W Hotel

i got to spend this past weekend with my good friend melanie.  our time together is rarely boring, in fact, it usually involves many random events and the spending of money... which means fun is had by all.  our adventures this time included: a pumpkin patch, the new kids on the block and the W hotel.  here's a quick rundown:

saturday, after a great lunch of fried catfish and veggies at babe's, we drove past a pumpkin patch and decided that we had to stop.  after picking out the perfect pumpkins, we then had to revive the NBA rivalry between her husband and myself.   he is a houston rockets fan... while i am a dallas mavericks fan, and with the NBA season just about to tip off we had to have some fun with it.

the big chicken outside of babe's

our pumpkins for the pumpkin patch

sunday, we made our way to dallas for the new kids on the block (NKOTB) concert.  since we had both been fans when we were in elementary school but both of our parents hadn't allowed us to go back then... we figured we'd go now.  

we figured that since the concert was in dallas that we should make things a little easier on ourselves and find a hotel to stay in for the night... so we decided to things right and treat ourselves to some luxury. we had an amazing stay at the W hotel and it was totally worth the time it took for me to save the money. here are some pictures from the W:

as you can see, we had a great weekend.  hope you enjoy the pictures.

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