Wednesday, October 15, 2008

good times.

in my last blog... which was a really long time ago (sorry about that)... i wrote about hanging with a good friend in an unusual way. this past weekend, i got to actually spend time with her in person. my very good friend, marty, came back to texas from west africa for a 10 day vacation and was kind enough to let me crash her time at home with her family.

the weekend together was filled with food, fellowship and reminders of why i enjoy her friendship so much. it was great to have the opportunity to laugh, talk and eat jack in the box face-to-face after not seeing each other for a year.

another amazing part of the weekend was getting to experience her heart for where God has her. even though she was glad to have some time at home with family and friends, her heart is with her ministry. she is such a great reminder for me that when we are right in the middle of where God desires us to be, no matter how hard the situation may be, the longing for those who do not know Jesus is ever-present on our hearts and minds.

here are a few pictures from her time in texas:

the best of friends

masks and ice cream

reunion at ninfas

marty heads back to west africa on saturday, so i ask that you pray for her safe travel and that she will be able to recover from jet lag quickly.  

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