Wednesday, January 28, 2009


i spent some time with a friend tonight. it was refreshing to talk about what God's doing and what's He's done, all while enjoying sweet tea. our conversation long outlasted our fast-food meal, and continued as we wandered through target and wal-mart.  we spent some time talking about spiritual markers (how God has moved in our lives), a principle from henry blackaby's Experiencing God that has stuck with both of us... it made my heart happy to think that my God is just as faithful in this moment as He's been throughout every day of my life.  He speaks.  He moves.  He proves Himself faithful over and over again.  it's good to take time to remember.

recently, i've had a song running through my head.  it's a song that has strong memories attached to it.  it's a song that sings a melody that has been in my heart often throughout my life.  i wrote previously this month about being ready to mend and wanting to learn from all that God is doing around me and in me... tonight that is more real than ever.  

here's a quick video of the song, painting pictures of egypt by sara groves:

if you aren't familiar with the song, click here for the lyrics.