Saturday, November 21, 2009

a day of rest

i'm too busy. i know this about myself. i don't sit still well. on thursday night, i saw a movie with a friend... and she commented on the fact that i'm always fidgeting. i can't seem to help it.

a few weeks ago, i noticed that there was the possibility of having nothing scheduled for today... so i kept it that way. i then spent the time getting here thinking of all that i could get done around the house without having anything "scheduled."

a few days ago, i started to get sick... i was running a fever on friday... so today was literally spent in bed. between naps, reading and lunch (brought to me by my mom on her way through town)... i didn't get out of bed until around 6 pm.

so i actually had a day of rest today, and i must admit... it was amazing.

i've got to work on my discipline in this area of my life. it's so important... and it shouldn't take getting sick to remember that.