Tuesday, May 1, 2007

oxford adventures revisited - part 2: mind the gap

i've decided to post my online journal entries from my time this past summer (july) studying at oxford. The original post date for this entry: July 15, 2006

well once again i am back having a nice cup of tea at the coffee shop. i have neglected to inform you that this coffee house (greens cafe) is right next door to the pub (the eagle and child) where c.s. lewis and j. tolkien met to talk matters of the faith. tolkien was the one who led lewis to christ. i plan on eating at the pub sometime soon.

i spent yesterday in london and was able to see many amazing things. i am such a tourist. we saw buckingham palace, big ben, westminster abby (the outside, but we will see the inside soon), parliament, the british museum, the british library, rode the underground (subway - mind the gap is what they tell to make sure that you pay attention to the gap between the platform and the subway cart), and ate fish and chips. it was quite an experience to finally get to see everything that i've seen in pictures and on tv. i have uploaded some of the the london pictures as well.

i have this morning off and start lectures after lunch. i think that i am acclimated to the schedule, but i must admit that having class until 11 pm is still hard to get used to (i doubt i ever will, and it makes for a long day when i've been up since 6:00 am).

i will be going to church at one of the church of england's churches (which is anglican, very close to catholic, started by king henry when the catholic church would not grant him a divorce), so i am looking forward to that experience. next Sunday we want to take the oxford tube (the train) back into london to go to a service at westminister abby, which i am really looking forward to.
thank you for your prayers as i continue to experience God in new ways. until later...

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