Saturday, August 8, 2009

a closer look into my time in germany

i got home late last night after a very long day of travel. i had been up for over 25 hours by the time i got home. but 3 flights later, i finally crawled into my bed around 11 pm. i then proceeded to sleep until 2:30 pm today.

here's a quick breakdown of my trip:
i previously posted about the first few days of my trip here, but i'll go back and include some pictures.

here are some views from the hotel. so this is what was outside the window while i was reading, writing, checking email, etc...

we took the students on an excursion to a place called, alpsee bergwelt. visit their website to get a better idea of what we did that day. we did a gondola ride, a high ropes course and a toboggan ride.

i got to go into sonthofen (the town our hotel was in) and explore with some friends. we walked all over enjoying each other's company and the views... as well as some gelato.

we took the students on a long (very long) hike into the german alps. we came across a barn-turned-restaurant along the way and i decided to stop and enjoy the view and read and write while the group continued. i think my few hours alone on the side of a mountain turned out to be one of my favorite experiences on the trip. here are a few pictures from my view:

my trip was spiritual refreshing, physically exhausting and just what i needed to help me prepare for the new semester.

to view more pictures, click here.