Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall Preview... a "TRUE"tt blessing.

i took a few students to visit truett seminary in waco this week. it's extremely exciting when i have students who are pursuing a call in ministry and i get the opportunity to walk with them as they seek the Lord. while they were visiting classes, talking with professors and mixing with other prospective students... i worked on BSM stuff and had the opportunity to visit with some good friends. i spent time with 2 friends (katie and emily) who served as BSM interns at the same time i did.

coffee with katie lasted a couple hours and provided an opportunity for us both to catch up and unpack all that's been going on in life. i am so thankful for her friendship and i wish that denton and waco were a little closer together so we could sit face to face more often. she's such a blessing.

after lunch, emily and i went to the parking garage starbucks (yes, they have a starbucks and a chili's too in their parking garage) to catch up. i so enjoyed hearing about all she's learning in her 1st semester in seminary... and was reminded how glad i am that i'm finished with school! (well, at least for a while).

i thank God for community and an chance to talk with girls who understand my life and ministry. such a blessing.