Friday, September 18, 2009

it's official. i'm an adult.

i've twittered about some decisions i've had in my life and i promised to share the details... so here you go.

this week... has been one of the most interesting ones of my life. i don't know why i'm surprised though. this has been one of the most interesting years ever.

this week... i realized that i am an adult. yes, i know that i'm 28, but sometimes i don't feel quite that old.

this week... i made an offer on a house, and one counter-offer later, the contract became official.

one of my closest friends lives in a new neighborhood in denton and since i'm at her house a couple times a week, i've watched the houses being built around her. we explored them as they were being built and talked about how much fun it would be to be neighbors. i never actually expected that i would ever be able to afford a purchase like this, but God started to put together the details in ways that i never expected.

the house is currently still under construction. it's 2 doors down from susan (the friend mentioned above). it's red. and if all goes as planned, i'll be closing at the end of october.

the house is over 1300 sq/ft, has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large kitchen and a 2 car garage (it's a tandem garage, you park one behind the other).

the flooring (wood floors and carpet) will be going in this coming week... and i'll be picking out the carpet this monday. lots of exciting stuff.

while this experience is exciting, it makes me miss a friend of mine... a friend who would love to help me pick out carpet, paint colors, a refrigerator and dream about all the fun things we could do with the backyard. this friend loves painting walls and working on a house more than i do, and i wish i could share this experience with her.

so now i must venture into the world of mortgage companies and closing costs. i'd appreciate your prayers as i proceed. i trust that if this is where God wants me, the details will continue to fall into place. if it isn't and it doesn't work out... i'll be disappointed... but i know He must have something different awaiting me.

thanks for the prayers my friends. and a special thank you to my parents who have played a huge part in making this a possibility. they're support, advice and encouragement in my life is a daily blessing, and they are just as excited about this as i am! mom's doing decorating research and dad's making sure we ask all of the right questions.

click here to view the construction of the house. i'll try to post pictures of the progress as everything continues to come together.